Sentence Examples

  • It forms the base for all punitive expeditions to the Tochi Valley and Waziri frontier.
  • In March 1916 he was put in command of the punitive expedition into Mexico against Francisco Villa, and the same year was made major-general.
  • Edward Jenner Steptoe; but the punitive expedition led by Col.
  • He lost the two days' battle of Kossovo (October 17th-19th) owing to the treachery of Dan, hospodar of Wallachia, and of his old enemy Brankovic, who imprisoned him for a time in the dungeons of the fortress of Semendria; but he was ransomed by the Magyars, and, after composing his differences with his powerful and jealous enemies in Hungary, led a punitive expedition against the Servian prince, who was compelled to accept most humiliating terms of peace.
  • In retaliation a punitive expedition under Generals John Sullivan and James Clinton in 1779 destroyed the Iroquois towns, and dealt the Indian confederacy a blow from which it never recovered.