Sentence Examples

  • When writing a report, only include specific, relevant and provable facts.
  • They are based on solid, provable results rather than simple impressions of character, and that means that the person writing one for you is staking their reputation as well as yours.
  • On the other hand, if they can't show you any provable results beyond a "letter of recommendation" or some other reference, you might want to think twice before hiring them.
  • But if the progress of physical science has not prevented the rehabilitation of much of ancient alchemy by the later researches into chemical change, and if psychology now finds a place for explanations of spiritualism and witchcraft which involve the admission of the empirical facts under a new theory (as in the case of the diviningrod, &c.), it is at least conceivable that some new synthesis might once more justify part at all events of ancient and medieval astromancy, to the extent of admitting the empirical facts where provable, and substituting for the supposed influence of the stars as such, some deeper theory which would be consistent with an application to other forms of prophecy, and thus might reconcile the possibility of dipping into futurity with certain interrelations of the universe, different indeed from those assumed by astrological theory, but underlying and explaining it.