Sentence Examples

  • Together, they tiptoed across the hardwood floor and stood proudly looking down Zach.
  • In 1349, at the Landsting of Ringsted, Valdemar proudly rendered an account of his stewardship to the Estates of Zealand, and the bishop of Roskilde congratulated him on having so miraculously delivered his people from foreign thraldom.
  • He that sinneth against his Maker will behave himself proudly against a physician.
  • He gave her the title of his "fille d'alliance" (adopted daughter), which she bore proudly for the rest of her long life.
  • The northern canon, or, as the Chinese proudly call it, the " greater vehicle of the law," includes many later corruptions or developments of the Indian faith as originally embodied by Asoka in the " lesser vehicle," or canon of the southern Buddhists.