Sentence Examples

  • A second successful expedition to Kiev to reinstate his protege Izaslaus, is Boleslaus's last recorded exploit.
  • During the previous war the peshwa had been the protege and ally of the British; and since the war he had fallen more completely than before under British protection - British political officers and British troops being stationed at his capital.
  • All attempts to induce Pippin to throw over his new protege failed, and from this time onward the nominal dependence of Rome and the papacy on emperors at Constantinople ceased.
  • Ferdinand, son of Sancho I., king of Portugal, owed his county to Philip, who, hoping to find him a docile protege, had married him to Jeanne, heiress of Flanders, daughter of Count Baldwin IX., who became emperor of the East, using the weak Philip of Namur, her guardian, to accomplish that end.
  • The protege of the coalition, Alexander Balas, married Philometor's daughter Cleopatra (Thea), and reigned in Syria in practical subservience to him.