Sentence Examples

  • Procuring an introduction he discovered her to be a protegee of Madame de Sillery, comtesse de Geniis.
  • Abigail, however, soon ventured to talk "business," and in the summer of 1707 the duchess discovered to her indignation that her protegee had already undermined her influence with the queen and had become the medium of Harley's intrigue.
  • In the absence of Decazes a new favourite was found to amuse the king's old age, Madame du Cayla (Zoe Talon, comtesse du Cayla), a protegee of the vicomte Sosthene de la Rochefoucauld and consequently a creature of the Ultras.
  • I have a protegee, the young Rostova, here.
  • At the same time the feeling he had noticed between his protegee Natasha and Prince Andrew accentuated his gloom by the contrast between his own position and his friend's.