Sentence Examples

  • Prob - ably from the Portuguese.
  • These early fortifications of the Acropolis, ascribed to the primitive non-hellenic Pelasgi, must be distinguished from the Pelasgicum or Pelargicum, which was in all prob ab i l i ty an encircling wall, built round the base of the g citadel and furnished with nine gates from which it derived the name of Enneapylon.
  • To this element prob ably belongs the story of the schoolmaster who, when Camillus was attacking Falerii, attempted to betray the town by bringing into his camp the sons of some of the principal inhabitants of the place.
  • Prob 160 3687 ably most of the reigns were short, as 000 3459 Manetho also decidedly indicates.
  • Oxidizing agents, such as arsenic acid, convert it into ellagic acid, C 14 H 8 0 9 +H 2 0, probably a fluorene derivative, a substance which occurs in gall-nuts, in the external membrane of the episperm of the walnut, and prob ably in many plants, and composes the "bezoar stones" found in the intestines of Persian wild goats.