Sentence Examples

  • Of the Hyksos age there are the scanty remains of a great fortified camp at Tell el-Yehudia.
  • It comprises some of the most notable figures in Egyptian history - Ahmosi (Amasis) I., who freed Egypt from the Hyksos, Tethmosis I.
  • Meyer in giving, for reasons which cannot be here explained, for the beginning of the 1st dynasty c. B c. 3400, for the 4th dynasty c. B.C. 2900-2750, and for the rule of the Hyksos c. B.C. 1680-1580; and in his Researches in Sinai, 1906, p. 175, Petrie proposes for Menes B.C. 5510, and for the 4th dynasty B.C. 473 1 -4454.
  • The horse seems to have been introduced with the chariot during the Hyksos period.
  • Several Theban kings of the later part of the Middle Kingdom adopted the same name; and when the Theban family of the XVIIth dynasty drove out the Hyksos, Ammon, as the god of the royal city, was again prominent.

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