Sentence Examples

  • Whilst power certainly is not the only element that makes a game enjoyable it can definitely help and many prise being gorgeous over gameplay in regards to video games.
  • Prise very extended administrative powers, including at times the command of the military forces in his province.
  • His work is usefully supplemented by the narrative (La Prise de Constantinople) of On the bibliography of the Second Crusade see Kugler, Studien zur Geschichte des zweiten Kreuzzuges (Stuttgart, 1866).
  • Charlemagne's march on Saragossa, and the capture of Huesca, Barcelona and Girone, gave rise to La Prise de Pampelune (14th century, based on a lost chanson); and Gui de Bourgogne (12th century) tells how the children of the barons, after appointing Guy as king of France, set out to find and rescue their fathers, who are represented as having been fighting in Spain for twenty-seven years.
  • Langlois, 1888), Le Charroi de Nimes, La Prise d'Orange, Le Covenant Vivien, Aliscans, which were edited by W.