Sentence Examples

  • The regalia, prerogatives, &c., as they were Attributes called.
  • Returning to Rome, he offered Napoleon his help during the Hundred Days (1815), stood by his side at the "Champ de Mai" at Paris, and was the last to defend his prerogatives at the time of his second abdication.
  • In each point the English constitution, which he ardently admires, is, he says, suffering: the prerogatives of the crown are disproportionately great; the peerage has been degraded by new creations; and parliaments are slighted.
  • During Sigismund's reign, moreover, the Crown recovered many of the prerogatives of which it had been deprived during the reign of his feeble predecessor, Alexander, who, to say nothing of the curtailments of the prerogative, had been forced to accept the statute nihil novi (1505) which gave the sejm and the senate an equal voice with the Crown in all executive matters.
  • The court dignitaries and their titles were manifold; not less manifold were the royal prerogatives, in which the sultans followed the example set by their predecessors, the Buyids.