Sentence Examples

  • Practicality fuses with fashion when it comes to this double-stitched denim line that features antique brass hardware and an assortment of kicky styles including, totes, messengers, handbags, and uber-pocketed shoulder bags.
  • Women who desire something extremely elegant and glamorous may favor one of the more expensive styles in the lineup, while those who seek practicality from their bags might opt for a neutral, less ostentatious Bleecker bag.
  • By the 1940s, the "shoe with the beautiful fit" was recognized by hardworking women as one of the few brands that could be relied upon to meld prettiness and practicality into a heel that would last until you were ready for new shoes.
  • That is, middle and even working-class women could look stylish without a big expenditure, so whereas movements towards more practicality and simplicity in clothes had been underway in the 1910s, they came to fruition in this period.
  • It was very important that the US armed forces be distinguishable from their European allies (mainly through color), but at the same time there was a level of practicality that meant that the uniforms would look very similar.