Sentence Examples

  • The porpoise, when full grown, attains a length of 5 ft.
  • Whales of various species are frequently captured in the bays and sounds; the grampus, dolphin and porpoise haunt the coasts, and seals occasionally bask on the more outlying islets.
  • Its skin is sometimes used for leather and boot-thongs, but the so-called "porpoise-hides" are generally obtained from the beluga.
  • " Porpoise " found that a solid core of black rock had been extruded 6 ft.
  • Nearly allied is Neophocaena phocaenoides, a small species from the Indian Ocean and Japan, with teeth of the same form as those of the porpoise, but fewer in number (eighteen to twenty on each side), of larger size, and more distinctly notched or lobed on the free edge.