Sentence Examples

  • It is, however, of interest to note that in 1698, in consequence of a nominal agreement, from which nothing resulted, among the principal Europeans in the East, the French undertook the policing of the Persian Gulf against pirates.
  • Supervision of markets,policing,land-transfer, &c., are carried on by a mayor and two assistants, to whom the municipal council delegates its powers.
  • Great Britain had almost a monopoly of maritime commerce in the Gulf, and was alone responsible for buoying, lighting and policing its waters.
  • For thirty-four years of increasing warfare this active the Fat and energetic king, this brave and persevering soldier, (1108 never spared himself, energetically policing the royal 1137).
  • No. Policing authorities at all levels are smart enough to accept the tips gratefully and not dig to disturb the source.