Sentence Examples

  • Fans of Canon imaging devices will tell you that any EOS Rebel camera is a good investment, but if you'd like more information before opening your pocketbook, check out the Digital Rebel XT's optics, performance and consumer features.
  • Keep in mind that unless you have a sentimental value attached to the sunglasses you've found, your pocketbook may come out better if you just purchase some replica retro glasses from somewhere like Target or Wal-Mart.
  • They're sure to let your pocketbook breathe a sigh of relief, your eyes smile as they hide from the blinding sun behind a layer of tinted plastic or polycarbonate material, and you blend in like you belong there.
  • By focusing on looking for frames made of these materials and avoiding rare or precious metals and decorations like precious stones, you should be able to find very high quality eyeglass frames at a price that won't empty your pocketbook.
  • Jenny Craig can hit your pocketbook to the tune of $65 to as much as $137 per week once you add up their foods, membership costs, and the addition of foods you'll have to purchase to supplement those meals.