Sentence Examples

  • They had to compete more fiercely than their male counterparts for radio plays since, when DJs and station managers refused to play songs by female artists one immediately after the other, there were fewer playlist spots for them to fill.
  • On omstream, they can make a yoga music playlist out of a bunch of different artists - if they want to start with something contemplative, then flow, then power yoga, they can put all these moods together seamlessly direct from our site.
  • Just about any song that has a haunting sound to it will work for a Halloween party or event, and you can mix popular dance songs into your playlist as well if you would like, so that people can hear some familiar music.
  • If you're looking for fancy visualization patterns while listening to songs, want support for rare file types or want to create a playlist of songs strewn throughout your hard drive, 1by1 may not be for you.
  • Ouendan featured Japanese artists, the developers here have created a playlist that reads like the amalgamation of a teenage girl's CD collection with her parents' dust-collecting vinyl collection.