Sentence Examples

  • Shakespeare said it best when he ruminated on what's in a name, but the truth of the matter is that styles change with the fashion times, and pj's haven't escaped that inevitable evolution.
  • Flattering for adults: While it's true that you could turn to Victoria's Secret for pj's, if you're looking for a sophisticated color, your best bet is to go with ladies designer pajamas.
  • In 2007, I decided to focus specifically on April's lingerie (I wear April Cornell nighties or pj's every night!) and formed my own company, Martha M, based in Portland, Maine.
  • Not only are the prices beyond reasonable, but the convenience of being able to shop in your pj's with a hot cup of cocoa in hand is simply too irresistible to forego!
  • In fact, parents sometimes take their children dressed in their pj's to photography studios in the hopes of capturing the special memory of the innocence of youth.

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