Sentence Examples

  • 26) the success of the expedition he dated his letter from Fort Duquesne "or now Pitts-Bourgh," and this name, with its subsequent modification " Pittsburgh," was thereafter more commonly used than that of Fort Pitt, which, as designating the fortification proper appears to have been first applied by General John Stanwix to the enlarged fort built (at a cost, it was estimated, of £60,000) chiefly under his direction during 1759-1760.
  • But if of Pitt Pitt could not govern without Newcastles corruption, and Newneither could Newcastle govern without Pitts energy.
  • Even in Pitts day England, however imperfectly, rested its strength on the popular will.
  • Pitts sole object was to exalt England to a position in which she would fear no rival.
  • Unhappily, the king could not understand Pitts higher qualities, his bold confidence in the popular feeling, and his contempt for corruption.