Sentence Examples

  • The condition that the volume of the fluid mass shall remain unchanged requires that there shall be more than one piston, and that the -velocities and areas of the pistons shall be connected by the equation
  • Converging and Diverging Trains of M~hanism.Two or more trains of mechanism may converge into oneas when the two pistons of a pair of steam-engines, each through its own connectingrod, act upon one crank-shaft.
  • An excellent brake for very large cranes is Matthew's hydraulic brake, in which water is passed from end to end of cylinders fitted with reciprocating pistons, cooling jackets being provided.
  • It has been shown that this behaviour of dielectrics can be imitated by a mechanical model consisting of a series of perforated pistons placed in a tube of oil with spiral springs between each piston.
  • I, the lift cylinder is in hydraulic connexion with a pair of short cylinders placed one above the other, the pistons working in them being connected together by a common rod.