Sentence Examples

  • Pilchard, herrings, whiting and mackerel are taken, and salmon in the Teign.
  • Ruins of the so-called "fish palaces" testify to the failure of the pilchard fishery in the 18th century.
  • It is allied to the European species of shad and pilchard, and, like the latter, approaches the coast in immense shoals, which are found throughout the year in some part of the littoral waters between Maine and Florida, the northern shoals retiring into deeper water or to more southern latitudes with the approach of cold weather.
  • The sprat, pilchard or sardine and shad are species of the same genus.
  • Sprats are very often confounded with young herrings, which they much resemble, but can always be distinguished by the following characters: they do not possess any teeth on the palate (vomer), like herrings; their gill-covers are smooth, without the radiating striae which are found in the shad and the pilchard; the anal fin consists of .from seventeen to twenty rays, and the lateral line of forty-seven or forty-eight scales.

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