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  • Since Pilates exercises are difficult to explain without visual accompaniment, especially if you've never done Pilates before, most of the free Winsor exercises are short video clips instead of simply lists of instructions on what to do.
  • In contrast, when an exercise such as the Pilates roll up becomes too easy, it can be performed by starting with your head at the low end of the Total Gym, which will require your abdominal muscles to work against the forces of gravity.
  • Special Bonus DVD - This free bonus workout is led by Pilates instructor Mari Winsor, who will teach you her own "dynamic sequencing" technique for a 30-minute heart-pounding workout that will help tone and tighten your whole body.
  • While corsets take care of shaping the upper body, girdles shape the lower body, squeezing the hips and lower abs and lifting the buttocks in a way that could give the impression that the wearer has a mild obsession with Pilates.
  • Exercise equipment, including Pilates equipment, can take up a lot of room in both your budget and your home.The benefit of purchasing a piece of Aero Pilates equipment is simple: One machine lets you do multiple poses and moves.

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