Sentence Examples

  • The petals were like silk, their scent strong and sweet.
  • Flower after fall of petals, magnified.
  • The flowers are mostly heavy and drooping, petals brightly coloured, the edges being curiously notched and waved.
  • The irregular flowers have five sepals united at the base, the dorsal one produced into a spurred development of the axis; of the five petals the two upper are slightly different and stand rather apart from the lower three; the eight stamens are unequal and the pistil consists of three carpels which form a fleshy fruit separating into three one-seeded portions.
  • The first consists of cutting up the various fabrics and materials employed into shapes suitable for forming the leaves, petals, &c.; this may be done by scissors, but more often stamps are employed which will cut through a dozen or more thicknesses at one blow.