Sentence Examples

  • He began perusing a fat envelope of Midwest travel information secured for his July Iowa bike tour.
  • Still, we sometimes found ourselves perusing a report out of pure curiosity.
  • The writer had the opportunity of perusing the MS. of " On Faraday's Lines of Force," in a form little different from the final one, a year before Maxwell took his degree.
  • "In the beginning of my mathematical studies, when I was perusing the works of the celebrated Dr Wallis, and considering the series by the interpolation of which he exhibits the area of the circle and hyperbola (for instance, in this series of curves whose common base 0 or axis is x, and the ordinates respectively (I -xx)l, (i (I &c), I perceived that if the areas of the alternate curves, which are x, x 3x 3, x &c., could be interpolated, we should obtain the areas of the intermediate ones, the first of which (I -xx) 1 is the area of the circle.
  • Despite the approval of Cardinal Contarini and the goodwill of the pope (who is said to have exclaimed on perusing the scheme of Ignatius, "The finger of God is here"), there was a strong and general feeling that the regular system had broken down and could not be wisely developed farther.