Sentence Examples

  • Jacquerod and Perrot have found that quartz-glass is freely permeable to helium below a red-heat (Comet.
  • Test.; Perrot and Chipiez, Hist.
  • Perrot and C. Chipiez, Histoire de fart Bans l'antiquite, v.
  • In 1585 Lord Deputy Sir John Perrot undertook the shiring of Ulster (excluding the counties Antrim and Down, which had already taken shape); and his work, though of little immediate effect owing to the rising of Hugh O'Neill, served as a basis for the division of the territory at the plantation of Ulster in the reign of James I.
  • Fermanagh was formed into a county on the shiring of Ulster in 1585 by Sir John Perrot, and was included in the well-known scheme of colonization of James I., the Plantation of Ulster.