Sentence Examples

  • They are exceedingly thin, but being buried in concrete no danger of their perishing from rust is to be feared.
  • Moreover, in the universal unrest and oversetting of all authority, Christianity itself was in danger of perishing, not only as the result of the cultured paganism of the Renaissance, but also through the brutish ignorance of the common folk, deprived now of their traditional religious restraints.
  • Driven by persecution from Moravia, hunted into mountain-caves and forests, they had scarcely secured a place of refuge in Saxony before, " though a mere handful in numbers, yet with the spirit of men banded for daring and righteous deeds, they formed the heroic design, and vowed the execution of it before God, of bearing the gospel to the savage and perishing tribes of Greenland and the West Indies, of whose condition report had brought a mournful rumour to their ears.
  • Galerius, who succeeded Diocletian in the government of the ~ast, implacably pursued his policy, and this great persecution lid not end until the persecutor, perishing, it is said, of the dire isalady of Herod and Philip II.
  • Public opinion in England was strongly O,~~iam~ impressed by the fact that the Egyptian garrisons of batEles of Tokar and Sinkat were perishing within striking dis- El Teb and Lance of the Red Sea littoral.