Sentence Examples

  • In it he deals with ecclesiastical jurisdiction, penances, indulgences, crusades and pilgrimages, vows, excommunication, the pope and the council, marriage and divorce.
  • And law in plenty was forthcoming, so soon as the Church developed the discipline of public confessions followed by appropriate penances for each fault.
  • (13) They put no faith in rites or ceremonies, nor do they believe in penances as instrumental in obtaining the grace of God.
  • In all these lesser orders may be discerned the tendency of a return to the elements of Eastern monasticism discarded by St Benedict - to the eremitical life; to the purely contemplative life with little or no factor of work; to the undertaking of rigorous bodily austerities and penances - it was at this time that the practice of self-inflicted scourgings as a penitential exercise was introduced.
  • IIe was banished from Rome in 309 on account of the tumult caused by the severity of the penances he had imposed on Christians who had lapsed under the recent persecution.