Sentence Examples

  • The idea of ritual scarification sends chills down the spine of many people, but for others it represents a closeness to God, an expression of their identity or a connection to their ancestors, and even pleasure.
  • Practices today include those used in tribal scarification including branding, packing and cutting, as well as more modern techniques including the use of tattoo guns without ink and chemical scarification.
  • Yes, people really do choose to tattoo their faces, have jewelry inserted in their tongues, hands and genitals, submit to branding and other forms of scarification and even have body parts removed.
  • Scar tissue may be more visible on darker skin tones than tattoos, and the cutting process may release endorphins that lead the person undergoing the scarification to feel peaceful or euphoric.
  • Tattooing has been practiced in most parts of the world, although it is rare among people with darker skins, such as those of Africa, who more often practice scarification and cicatrisation.

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