Sentence Examples

  • If double or triple diapering is recommended by the pediatrician after the initial newborn exam, it is imperative that parents follow up with their pediatrician for a more extensive examination of the hips soon after the newborn comes home.
  • It is important to consult a dermatologist or pediatrician if a child sheds hair in large amounts (more than 100 hairs per day for longer than four weeks) after combing, brushing, or shampooing or if the hair becomes significantly thinner.
  • A pediatrician, family doctor, ophthalmologist, or optometrist licensed to use diagnostic drugs uses drops that dilate the pupils and temporarily paralyze eye-focusing muscles to evaluate visual status and ocular health.
  • Should the cradle cap persist beyond the aid of dandruff shampoo, your child's pediatrician may prescribe a prescription hydrocortisone cream that works to control the irritation and hormonal activity in affected areas.
  • Parents who are concerned about their ability to calmly deal with the child's temper tantrums may talk to the child's pediatrician about ways to cope more effectively with this natural part of the child's development.

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