Sentence Examples

  • Spikelets one-flowered, rarely two-flowered as in Zea, falling from the pedicel entire or with certain joints of the rachis at maturity.
  • Munro supplemented this by another character easier of verification, and of even greater constancy, in the articulation of the pedicel in the Paniceae immediately below the glumes; whilst in Poaceae this does not occur, but the axis of the spikelet frequently articulates above the pair of empty basal glumes.
  • A flower having a stalk is called pedunculate or pedicel- late; one having no stalk is sessile.
  • The sporangium is attached to the enlarged distal end of its pedicel, from which it hangs down, so as to suggest an anatropous ovule on its funiculus.
  • / s h the elongated horizontal pedicel on which the sporangium is seated corresponds to the short base of a FIG.