Sentence Examples

  • Hydro-xerophytes (bog xerophytes) .Plants which live in ~t, peaty soils, and which possess aeration channels and xeroiilous leaves; e.g., Cladium Mariscus, Eriophorum angustifohium, if bus Chamaemorus, and Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea.
  • The term oxyloiyte is open to the obiection that some peaty waters are alkaline, id not acidic as the term implies.
  • Many plants of peaty soils e sclerophylious.
  • Bog Xerophytes live in the peaty soil of fens and moors which are physically wet, but which are said to be physiologically dry.
  • This species prefers a peaty soil, and often grows luxuriantly in very moist situations.