Sentence Examples

  • The drumbeat of media speculation is growing ever louder that Bruce Springsteen and his band mate and wife of 15 years, Patti Scialfa, are headed for divorce.
  • Patti Boyd said about the song, "he's such an incredible musician that he's able to put his emotions into music in such a way that the audience can feel it instinctively."
  • Beyond the size and material differences, a Patti the Platypus Beanie Baby is indistinguishable from a Patti the Platypus Beanie Buddy.
  • Written for Patti Boyd, the track is likely the second most well known song from the album, surpassed only by the famous title song.
  • Elton John, Donna Summers, and Patti LaBelle have all sung her praises and predicted she will have a very long career as an artist.