Sentence Examples

  • Pull out the art supplies, and let kids create a scrapbook of all their artwork, writing assignments, etc. They'll enjoy cutting, pasting, and decorating their scrapbooks to create a unique keepsake of the year.
  • Decide where you would like the picture to appear and place the code by pasting it in one of the following sections: About Me, I'd Like to Meet, General, Music, Movies, Television, Books, and Heroes.
  • Join the halves of the finished cake together by pasting them with buttercream, and use a sharp serrated knife to cut away parts and paste on new parts with frosting to form the shape of a frog.
  • You can start your post off with "RT @username" and then pasting the post itself, or simply click on the retweet link that pops up when you hover your mouse over the tweet.
  • With any of the above job sites, you can put a resume on file and send it with a click of the button, which beats pasting and copying your resume over and over again.