Sentence Examples

  • A man in Bristol, England, a former businessman, is a long-time explorer of paranormal phenomenon.
  • Museum or hospital staff may experience paranormal phenomena, but are afraid to report them because of the stigma associated with such reports and the potential for the sort of unwanted attention that those sort of public reports can bring.
  • If you watch television programs like Ghost Hunters on the SciFi channel, or Paranormal State on A&E, it becomes very apparent that hauntings and paranormal activity exist in homes and touch the lives of many people across the world.
  • Werewolves, vampires, bigfoot and chupacabra are just some of the creatures currently placed in the category of the paranormal or urban legends until scientific proof places any of these mythological beings into the category of zoology.
  • The goal at LoveToKnow Paranormal is to bring you entertaining and informative articles on all aspects of paranormal activity, from classic hauntings to metaphysical phenomena such as clairvoyance and extrasensory perception, aka ESP.