Sentence Examples

  • The stalking may be done online, where a rebuffed paramour posts derogatory comments on your pages, makes your private information available to the public and sends harassing emails.
  • Usually these games, such as the Speed Dating Game, will show you a caricature of a woman and present you with a selection of possible conversational responses that will either charm your paramour or make her so mad she leaves in a huff.
  • The dose was offered to him by his wife, who had been unfaithful to him and sought to set her paramour on his throne.
  • In 1696 he was, although a zealous Tory, appointed deputy comptroller of the mint at Chester, and (August 19, 1698) he received a commission as captain of the "Paramour Pink" for the purpose of making extensive observations on the conditions of terrestrial magnetism.
  • Eight years later he returned from Athens and revenged his father's death by slaying his mother, and her paramour (Odyssey, iii.