Sentence Examples

  • There are two main collections and you can find slips in both of them; get basic styles in the Classic Collection or check out the Pretty Collection, which puts a sexy twist on shaping slips with lace paneling and skimpier silhouettes.
  • I've added indoor plumbing, forced-air heating, and upgraded wiring, but the place still retains an original tin ceiling (more on that later), bead-board paneling, and leaded glass windows.
  • While some ships boast mahogany or rosewood accents and paneling, such remnants of authenticity are more likely a result of sporadic renovations and upgrades than deliberate design.
  • Although you might be thinking of the dark, cheap paneling that was in your parents home, today's decorative wall coverings are innovative, varied, and easy to install.
  • For the purposes of this article, we'll discuss working with paneling of a certain size, but feel free to manipulate those numbers to suit your project.