Sentence Examples

  • These issues affect most of the five senses from sound intolerances like chalk on a chalkboard, to visual problems such as aversion to bright lights, to tactile intolerances like itchy fabrics or hot and cold foods.
  • If your child will only be wearing glasses to watch television or read what is written on a chalkboard, you can go with a less expensive option than if she is required to wear glasses at all times.
  • When decorating with contact paper, you can transform the surface of an item into something that looks like brick, stainless steel, wood, leather, marble, suede or even a usable chalkboard surface.
  • Washing the chalkboard with water also causes ghosting to develop making it hard to read anything written on the blackboard.The following method is one of the easiest ways to clean chalkboards.
  • Other finishes: different paints can give the look of marble, suede, stone, chalkboard or a mirror, while finishes can make paint look iridescent, crackled, matte, shiny or even magnetic.