Sentence Examples

  • Common feeding items to find in a baby gift basket are bibs (the cuter the slogan, the better!), burp cloths, a bottle (although this is becoming less common as most mothers prefer to choose one specific brand of bottle), and a pacifier.
  • Some playpens have been recalled because they have protruding rivets, which are similar to nut and bolt fasteners but aren't removable, that can cause a child's clothing or pacifier ribbon to snag, risking strangulation to the child.
  • These could include a bottle, pacifier, bottle brush, bulb syringe, thermometer, nail clippers, pacifier holder, booties, etc. Blindfold the mom-to-be, and watch her try to guess each of the items as she picks one up out of the bag.
  • Although pacifiers can give children a sense of calm and security well into their toddler years, pacifier use may be most effective during the first few months of life when fussiness, colic, and the need to suck are at their peaks.
  • Simple personalized pacifiers can bear your baby's name or nickname, a word or phrase that makes you laugh, or they may even be part of a personalized gift set that includes a personalized onesie and pacifier.