Sentence Examples

  • Ecclesiastical overlords, interfering ~from a distance in.
  • The D e Mohun family were overlords of the town from 1086 to the 14th century, when they were followed by the Luttrells, who are the present owners.
  • Nevertheless, there is as yet no monumental evidence in favour of the genuineness of the story, and at the most it can only be said that the author (of whatever date) has derived his names from a trustworthy source, and in representing an invasion of Palestine by Babylonian overlords has given expression to a possible situation.
  • While other vassals might hold of a graduated hierarchy of overlords up to the crown, the burgess always held directly of the sovereign.
  • They were henceforth ranked as "Galatians" by the outside world equally with their overlords, and it was from their numbers that the "Galatian" slaves who figure in the markets of the ancient world were drawn.