Sentence Examples

  • She rolled her eyes, once again a test subject to the great overlord of the Immortals.
  • In 620 Pulakesin defeated Harsha, the powerful overlord of northern India, and established the Nerbudda as the boundary between the South and North.
  • While observing all due formalities towards his overlord, there can be little doubt that Odainath aimed at independent empire; but during his lifetime no breach with Rome occurred.
  • Worn out by internal strife fostered by Haakon's emissaries, the Icelandic chiefs acknowledged the Norwegian king as overlord in 1262.
  • These are, indeed, expressly prohibited in the later charter of Bishop Johann Kvag (1294); and the distinctive character of the constitution of Copenhagen during the middle ages consisted in the absence of the free gild system, and the right of any burgher to pursue a craft under license from the Vogt (advocates) of the overlord and the city authorities.