Overkill Definition

The capacity of a nation's nuclear weapon stockpile to kill many times the total population of any given nation.
Webster's New World
The destructive use of military force beyond the amount needed to destroy an enemy.
American Heritage
The excessive use of force in killing an individual or organism.
American Heritage
Elimination or drastic reduction of an animal population by hunting or killing.
American Heritage
Much more of something than is necessary, appropriate, etc.; esp., an excess of effort in attempting to achieve some end.
Webster's New World
To destroy (an enemy or enemy target) with more force than necessary.
American Heritage
To use excessive force in killing (an individual, for example).
American Heritage
To kill too many of (a population of animals) for the population to maintain itself in substantial numbers.
American Heritage
To apply an excess of what is necessary or appropriate for (a particular end).
Overkill an advertising campaign.
American Heritage
To engage in overkill.
American Heritage

Origin of Overkill

  • From over- +"Ž kill.

    From Wiktionary

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