Sentence Examples

  • One woman thought she would try out the shoes and was sure the recommendation to only wear them for a limited time initially was overkill - she had sore legs for the next three days and noticed she'd lost some inches.
  • The animated combat missions seem quite interesting as well.In addition to the "Overkill" feature mentioned above, this game of world domination will also include a unique art style and plenty of off-beat humor.
  • Some die-hard Sonic fans have been disappointed with some of the added "fluff" of erroneous dialog, annoying characters that tag along with you, and an overkill of unnecessary video clips.
  • Despite the number of celebrities that try to make over-accessorizing look natural, there are still ways to wear your metallic Fendi handbag without become a victim of fashion overkill.
  • There relationship and their wedding was highly televised on VH1 with My Fair Brady, My Fair Brady: We're Getting Married and My Fair Brady: Maybe Baby (Overkill?