Sentence Examples

  • Chock full of technological advances and constructed to be sturdy and durable, Osprey backpacks are literally designed to ensure that your gear arrives at your destination secure and in good condition.
  • Osprey accomplishes this in a myriad of ways, the most important of which is the fit of the bag, how you pack the bag, and by deciding if special details, like Osprey Hydraulics, are right for you.
  • Osprey bags may look complicated, but they don't have to be, particularly because each bag that is sold comes with an owner's manual that is specifically tailored to each bag.
  • If you are not a professional explorer, but love the look of Osprey backpacks, then the Active Everyday category is perfect for you.
  • Birds of prey are very numerous, including several varieties of eaglesthe osprey, the spotted, the golden and the imperial.