Sentence Examples

  • They were accused of ordaining serfs without the consent of their lords, consecrating bishops per saltum, i.e.
  • These are taken from the various schools of interpretation mentioned above, and are now formulated in the words used by the bishop when, in ordaining to any office, he places the vestment on the ordinand with the appropriate words, e.g.
  • We may grant the pope's contention that the Edwardine church had no belief in priests who offered in sacrifice the body and blood of Christ or in bishops capable of ordaining such priests.
  • Frederick retorted by announcing his intention of reducing "the clergy, especially the highest, to a state of apostolic poverty," and by ordaining the severest punishments for those priests who should obey the papal sentence.
  • In the month of January 1663, ordaining that the beginning of the year should thenceforth be considered as taking place on the 1st of January.