Sentence Examples

  • He ordains, for example, that they shall be called Ta-te.
  • The latter enunciated the following rule: " If a bishop or priest be living in mortal sin, then he neither ordains, nor consecrates, nor baptizes."
  • He then lays his right hand on it and ordains it, with the prayer: "Lay, 0 Lord, Thy holy hand upon this emblem of the cross and bless it."
  • In baptism the rubric ordains that the baptized be plunged three times in the font in commemoration of the entombment during three days of the Lord.
  • With his last breath Beowulf names Wiglaf his successor, and ordains that his ashes shall be enshrined in a great mound, placed on a lofty cliff, so that it may be a mark for sailors far out at sea.