Sentence Examples

  • Mucronalia, foot reduced, but still operculate, eyes present, animal fixed by its very long proboscis which is deeply buried in the tissues of an Echinoderm, no pseudopallium.
  • An operculum is present only in Amphibola; a contrast being thus afforded with the operculate pulmonate Streptoneura (Cyclostoma, &c.), which differ in other essential features of structure from the Pulmonata.
  • The shell is thick, and operculate in some forms; thin, and provided with filaments, in others; in the latter cases it may contain only a few yolk-granules suspended in an albumen-like substance.
  • Here the two elements, ovum and yolk-cells, are surrounded by a shell of operculate or of spindle-capped types.
  • The eggs are stalked and provided with chitinoid often operculate shell.