Sentence Examples

  • You can also ask an open-ended question that requires the candidate to describe how they responded to an issue on the job to get an idea of the person's resourcefulness and ability to deal with situations calmly and rationally.
  • Each book has a series of high-quality reproductions of great works of art, along with background information on each work and the artist together with enough open-ended questions to get a good conversation started.
  • Be sure to engage visitors to the fan page in dialogue; post thought provoking, open-ended questions, updates, and simple, interesting statements that support the company, organization or individual's brand image.
  • When you strike up a conversation with a person who interests you, try paying that person a sincere compliment, or asking an open-ended question about the other person that's likely to keep the conversation going.
  • Although each puzzle is fairly linear (as is the entire game), we owe our thanks to Ubisoft for adhering to this, as a completely open-ended Prince of Persia would be nearly impossible to complete...