Sentence Examples

  • LimeWire PRO is available for a one-off fee of $18, which includes the no ad version of LimeWire, faster downloads, connection to more users within the Gnutella network, and free program updates for six months.
  • Since her time on Survivor, the Oregon based Air Force veteran has returned to TV only once; a one-off special on the TLC network featuring Survivor contestants covered the birth of Towery's daughter.
  • Vixa has maintained its high level of "one-off" craftsmanship while simultaneously moving into the modern era and beyond with the most modern chronographic features to date.
  • Jewelers who offer the 'build a ring' service can often produce the finished ring in just a few days, much less time than it takes to create a one-off design.
  • The show is a ratings blockbuster and launched his career in new directions, with self-help books, diet products, and one-off evening dating show specials.