Sentence Examples

  • OLED TVs are very thin, using Light Emitting Diodes to give great contrast ratios and low response times, which is the amount of time it takes the screen to refresh.
  • The Sansa Clip+ and Clip Zip both feature a clip mechanism like the iPod shuffle, but unlike the shuffle, they also feature full color OLED displays.
  • One downside to OLED TVs are they are new and more expensive than LCD or plasmas, but the advantage is a sharper picture with deeper colors.
  • There would also be GPS (an improvement from the aGPS/compass/map combination), a removable battery, and an OLED screen.
  • Named the Zune HD, it featured a 3.3-inch 480 x 272 pixel OLED capacitive touchscreen, 720p HD video out and HD radio.