Sentence Examples

  • Slowly, the winery grew into what it is today and although the buildings are relatively new, they appear to be from an earlier time-it does make one think there is an old-world connection.
  • While they're not commonly used today, hurricane oil lamps still come in handy during power outages, and some people use them to light up outdoor areas or to decorate rooms where a little old-world charm is desired.
  • Murrow 625-259 Wall Clock: Belying its superior functionality, this Accuwave DS clock sports a comfortable vintage feel from its Windsor cherry finish and sleek satin bezel to its old-world Arabic numerals.
  • The Rockettes are known world-wide for their exquisite dancing, but it's the atmosphere and the old-world charm that make the Christmas show of the Rockettes such a delight for all audiences.
  • Fur itself is an old-world detail that has been employed in fashion and accessories for centuries, but women have only grown to appreciate how chic it looks on boots in recent decades.