Sentence Examples

  • If what you're interested in is not the ambiance and sales knowledge of an old-style lingerie shop, but rather retro lingerie, you're unfortunately not likely to find it in a brick-and-mortar store.
  • Cut using simple, clean lines, there's a touch of old-style glamour to these swimsuits, which come in a range of styles, from classic one pieces to bikinis and coverups.
  • Scarlett's platinum blonde curls are reminiscent of old-style Hollywood glamour, a style that Christina Aguilera has been seen with recently, too.
  • Many of them are in the classic film presentation of black-and-white, or offer old-style animation and effects that can be fascinating to watch.
  • In fact, some women choose to wear vintage suits to work as a way of capturing some old-style glamour and new funkiness.