Sentence Examples

  • ~ the 11th of September a Piedmontese army of 35,000 men of ~ ssed the frontier at La Cattolica,; on the 18th the pontifical Th ny was crushed at Castelfidardo; and when, on the 29th, sep coria fell, TJmbria and the Marches were in the power of we!
  • To determine x i the angular velocity P alone is introduced, and the conditions to be satisfied are (i.) 0 2 x1 = o, throughout the liquid; y l =mz - ny, at the surface of the moving body, but zero over a fixed surface, and at :infinity; the same for x 2 and x3.
  • Iceland has had the Islenzk Sagnablod (1817-1826), Ny Fjelagsrit (1841-1873), and Gefn (1870-1873).
  • Recognizing the value of an intellectual centre, he made Reykjavik not only the political, but the spiritual capital of Iceland by removing all the chief institutions of learning to that city; he was the soul of many literary and political societies, and the chief editor of the Ny Felagsrit, which has done more than any other Icelandic periodical to promote the cause of civilization and progress in Iceland.
  • After vaguely looking at it a long time, "Il n'y a que moi qui pouvais concevoir la tete de Leonidas," he whispered, and died.