Sentence Examples

  • But it was eagerly taken up by the antiGustavian press, and popular suspicion was especially aroused by a fable called "The Foxes" directed against the Fersens, which appeared in Nya Posten.
  • Sprinchorn's Kolonien Nya Sveriges Historia (1878; English translation in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vols.
  • The four principal rivers are the Tenasserim, Le-nya, Pakchan and Palauk, the first three being navigable for a considerable distance.
  • The production of Master Olof marked the beginning of the new movement in Swedish literature, and the Red Room and the collection of satirical sketches entitled Det nya riket (" The New Kingdom," 1882) increased the growing hostility to Strindberg.
  • These grounds are traversed by the broad Nya Alle, a favourite promenade, and beyond them lies the best residential quarter, the first houses facing Vasa Street, Vasa Park and Kungsport Avenue.