Sentence Examples

  • Nott (1782), bk.
  • Of the more recent erections in the town, mention may be made of the granite obelisk in memory of General Sir 'Thomas Picton (1758-1815) and the bronze statue of General Sir William Nott (1784-1846).
  • Lede vs nott in to temptacion, but delyvre vs from yvell.
  • To the north-west, and parallel to the long ridges of the Tarnak watershed, stretches the great road to Kabul, traversed by Nott in 1842, and by Stewart and subsequently by Roberts in 1880.
  • The British army of occupation in southern Afghanistan continued to occupy Kandahar from 1839 till the autumn of 1842, when General Nott marched on Kabul to meet Pollock's advance from Jalalabad.